Ingeborg Himle Matland

Co-design // Visual communication

Through studying co-design at KADK, and with a background in visual communication and experience with service- and graphic design, I have established a diverse interest in the different aspects of the design process. 

Visual design plays an important part in my professional expression and how I communicate with others, but my main interest lies in the design process where people meet, share knowledge and learn from each other. I enjoy working with people, whether it’s fellow designers, clients, or a potential target group. I believe that it’s by involving end users in the design process that sustainable solutions are created. 

Summed up

  • Fields of interest: Co-design, Service design, Graphic design, Digital design, Branding & Visual Identity, Interaction design  
  • in Co-design (2016-2018) from Kunstakademiets Designskole, Copenhagen.
  • 5 month internship at Hatch & Bloom (DK) as a Service designer (2017)
  • Over the years, I've worked as a graphic designer at Logolink AS (NO) over summer holidays and longer periods of time (from 2015-2017). 
  • 4 month internship at Fabrique (NL) as a Visual Design intern (2016).
  • Bachelor degree in Visual Communication (2012-2015) from Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

For further details (such as a full resumé of my experience), feel free to contact me.