Common Deal

Together with Samantha Alexandre, Tone Lysholm, Stine Thomsen
Concept video edited by Samantha Alexandre

Fall 2014

Common Deal is a project about creating a new branding strategy for a local energy supplier.
     By using data transformation, we wanted to communicate the values of the company and the new identity. Among other features, the new branding strategy includes a digital point system, where the customer is able to collect points when saving energy. This way the customer get the feeling of both saving energy and getting a reward, which leads to a positive connotation to the company. 
You are also able to control your energy consumption through the application and website, by choosing your own limit of energy use (the amount of money you are willing to spend on energy). 
     Whenever you are about to reach your chosen limit, the system will give you a notice. This way we avoid negative experiences with their energy bill. 

In other words, the Common Deal is much about improving the communication between customer and energy supplier to a more positive cooperation. 
     Included in the application is a dynamic icon, color-based on your energy consumption. Now the customer doesn't even have to enter the website or application to be in control of his/her energy consumption. 
     With our main target group being students, the visual identity of Common Deal focus on bright colors, white space and a playful style. This gives a positive and fresh impression, in contrast to what the product is all about; Selling energy. 
     For this project I worked with visualizing the application and the dynamic icon, and visualizing some parts of the website, such as "The Deals" overview. 


Experimenting with animation of the dynamic energy symbol. 

Experimenting with animation of the dynamic energy symbol. 

Video edited by Samantha Alexandre.