Jìn Lín

Fall 2014

Together with Tone Lysholm, Anette Hedegaard, Rasmus Kolbe, and the two chinese team-members Etta and Grayz

During fall 2014 I spent one month in Shanghai, China, working on a collaboration project between Designskolen Kolding and Tongji University. The theme of the project was service design, and as a part of the assignment we were told to find the problem we wanted to focus on. The result had to benefit people in Shanghai to some extent, and be related to the vast development of the city, as the keywords given were movable and to move.
My group decided to work with the older generation. We wondered how the elderly manage to keep up with the constant changes in the city. Throughout the project we spent a lot of time on research and talking with our target group, as well as testing and prototyping. 
We were interested in the different neighborhood communities, and the new communities vs. the old. Our target group talked about how you don't have the same neighborhood feeling in the new apartment buildings, as in the traditional neighborhoods. 

A lot of the old people we talked to wanted to get to know their neighbors better, but didn't know how to do it. Jin Lin, in English "Know your neighbors",  is a service that includes a GPS-device you can switch on/off to search for your neighbors, and it works as a conversation starter when you meet a neighbor. The device is connected to an application with a map that shows you where in the area you can find a neighbor with a similar device. For the visualization of the project, I worked with, among other things, data transformation and visualization of the application, including the conceptual map of the user's neighborhood. The concept video is edited by Rasmus Kolbe. 
     To watch the concept video in the best possible quality, visit my Vimeo page.