Internship project:
Livewall for D&E Conference 2016

Spring 2016

During my internship at Fabrique in Amsterdam, I worked with designing a livewall for D&E Conference 2016, in collaboration with designers and developers at Fabrique. The livewall is inspired by the conference's visual identity, and questions the role of a traditional livewall: How much information is necessary to be shown on a livewall? Can the information be split over different screens and still look coherent? 
     When designing the livewall, we had to take into account that it would be used on screens of two different sizes: 4:3 and 16:9. 

Therefore, we designed two different variations where the smaller screen (4:3) only focuses on the most important information, whereas the larger screen (16:9) includes more detailed information about the events.
     The images and animation show the visualization of the livewall, and the transitions between the different screens (Program, Social media and Important message). NB! The information on the animation and images is only used to illustrate the livewall, and is not from the final program or real social-media streams.