Hear Me Out

Together with Melanie Povlitzki, Sofia Germani and Andrea Østmo da Costa
Fall 2016

Collaboration with GN ReSound

Hear Me Out is a co-design project exploring hearing loss.
Hearing loss can be difficult to understand, and especially when you haven't experienced it yourself. It not only affects the hearing impaired, but also his/her family. The Hear Me Out Kit is a social tool used within a family, that initiates a dialogue about hearing loss between the hearing aid user and his/her family. The tool makes the issue more tangible and easy to talk about, focusing on short, daily activities that the family share and explore together.

In co-design we work with open-ended projects and include different stakeholders and participants in the process, which means that, in the beginning of the project, we don't necessarily know what the final outcome entails.
     In this project we worked with different exploratory design methods such as prototyping, acting out possible future scenarios, and ethnographic interviews, which lead us to the Hear Me Out Kit.  

The video Hear Me Out: The Process gives an insight to the process of the project. 

This short film, edited by Melanie Povlitzki, shows the Hear Me Out kit in use.


The project was carried out in collaboration with an external partner, GN Resound, producer of hearing aids.