Bachelor thesis

Spring 2015

Her. is a project about making people more aware of how they use their smartphones. As a smartphone-user I've realized how much time I spend on my phone, as well as how people, including myself, behave when using smartphones.
     Smartphones are distracting and addictive objects. I chose to work with a conceptual application that will make people more aware of how much time they spend on their phone, and compares the smartphone-usage to what you could have done instead of spending time on your phone. It also includes different settings that helps you break your addictive habits. One of these settings is called "Her.", in english "here". 

Using "Her.",  you can set your smartphone to a concentration-mode, blocking all incoming calls and notifications to improve your work-flow. 
     The title Her.
 refers to being present, and the punctuation mark is deliberately set to underline the act of taking a break / stopping. The whole project includes a live prototype for others to try, an animation showing essential features of the application, and a book explaining the process behind the project. As a part of the bachelor exhibition I also developed a small collection of objects; My interpretation of notifications as physical objects. Read more about this here.